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Brent Hajek lives in a very small town, population 150. He is a farmer, certified wild man, and race car fanatic.  Brent drives a totally worn out 10 year old pick-up but spends millions on his race car program.  Everything Brent does is BIG. 

Brent’s goal is to develop new cars that pay tribute to the original cars in his museum and their drivers, and break their records using today’s technology, E-85 fuel, soy body panels and paint.  Many scoffed at the fact someone from Ames, Oklahoma could not only build record breaking cars, but get the top drivers to pilot them.  He quickly proved them wrong.

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The Soybean Meal Information Center is a free service to livestock producers and the animal feed industry.  Its function is to disseminate information on soybean meal nutrition, utilization and research.  It is sponsored by U.S. Soybean Farmers and their soybean checkoff; including the checkoff boards from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, South Dakota and the United Soybean Board.


July 19, 2012

Contact:  Karen Long, Project Coordinator



Updated website provides complete soybean meal information

Individuals looking for information about soybean meal can conveniently find everything they need to know at the newly updated website,


For 15 years, the online Soybean Meal INFOcenter has been of service to those interested in learning more about soybean meal; with its fresh new look, the information is more attractive, more user-friendly and easier to navigate.


The mission of the website is to provide technical information on soybean meal to the feed manufacturer, professional nutritionist, feed formulator, livestock and poultry producer and general public. The website is designed to be a "center" or primary source of key information regarding soybean meal as an important supplement protein for livestock, poultry and specialty markets.


The material for the renovated website was compiled by Keith Smith. With a Ph.D. in animal nutrition and nearly 50 years of experience in research administration, Dr. Smith is recognized as a leader in soybean utilization and production research.


Smith says, “The website is a fantastic resource with more than 200 abstracts of technical information for those wanting to learn about soybean research. Included, for instance, are two new review papers with the latest information on the use of soybean meal for swine.  With the swine industry using 25 percent of the soybean meal produced in the U.S., this information is especially valuable.”


The valuable online archive makes available:
  • most of the abstracts of technical articles published about soybean meal over the past 20 years;
  • reports of checkoff-funded research on soybean meal utilization, including all the checkoff-funded research that has been done by the U.S. Soybean Export Council (USSEC);
  • copies of soybean meal fact sheets;
  • historical facts on soybean use;
  • back issues of the Soybean Meal INFOsource newsletter that is sent to 1,800 subscribers five times per year; and
  • an updated list of soybean processors.


The website is sponsored by the soybean checkoff, including the checkoff boards from, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota and South Dakota.