Making the Most of Every Season

From adverse weather to pest and disease infestation, soybean farmers face new challenges in their fields each season. To address these challenges, the farmer-led soybean checkoff invests funding in production research that maintains and improves yields.

Multi-Tiered Approach

Soybean checkoff-funded production research occurs at state, regional and national levels. To increase efficiency, the soybean checkoff funds projects and meetings that promote synergy and communication in the research community. Research coordination leverages checkoff investments and provides opportunities to establish research projects and priorities across the entire soybean industry.


Improving Oklahoma Production

As Oklahoma soybean farmers, the directors of the Oklahoma Soybean Board understand production challenges unique to the state, and the board works to address those challenges. By partnering with researchers at Oklahoma State University, the checkoff works to improve soybean production practices, including seeding rates, insecticide and fungicide applications and tilling methods.


National Success

At the national level, the United Soybean Board farmer-leaders invest checkoff funding in production research programs on behalf of all U.S. farmers. The research aims to increase yields by combating yield-robbers like SCN, aphids, rust and drought, and to add value to U.S. soybean production by improving soybean composition to meet customer needs. The soybean checkoff also invests in soybean genomics research to aid in breeding for both disease resistance and composition improvements.

The soybean checkoff funds research and creates tools to help you identify, manage and defend your soybean fields from yield-robbing diseases and pests.