Funding New Uses for Soy

From soy-based carpet backing to walls and ceilings filled with soy-based insulation, new uses for soy materialize all around us. The soybean checkoff helps fund the development of new soy-based products to help increase the demand and preference for U.S. soy. Each year new soy-based products enter the market in five main target areas, including adhesives, coatings and printing inks, lubricants, plastics and solvents.

Thanks to checkoff investments, researchers and manufacturers are working day after day to find new ways to incorporate soy-based ingredients into the products we rely on. Currently John Deere and Case New Holland utilize soy plastic to manufacture sheet- molded paneling for their tractors. Major auto manufacturers, like Ford, utilize soybeans in seating and headrests made of soy foam. As these new sources of demand continue to grow, so does the demand for your soybeans.